Dreaming of a remote observatory with dark skies and great seeing?

Then your dreams have come true!

Lease the development;

It's ready for your own observatory and equipment.

Lease an observatory;

ready to go, using your mount, scope and camera

We have the skies. Now you can have the brilliant pictures!

Make your dreams come true.......


Welcome to SMAP!

SMAP is Located at 7269 feet in one of the worlds darkest skies - Weed, New Mexico in the Sacramento Mountains. Sky conditions at this location take your breath away. Weed is located some 20 minutes from Mayhill and about one hour from Alamagordo in Otero County. The county has some of the strictest light pollution laws which have been extremely effective in reducing light pollution from populated areas such as Alamogordo.

Because the Sacramento Mountains are located in the High Desert it means that the skies benefit from dry clean air giving rise to great "seeing" -typically 1.5 - 2.3 arc sec - and is without doubt some of the best anywhere.

Of course you would expect the "transparency " to be just as great and it is. Again benefiting from the altitude and dry conditions of the High Desert. 

The site can accommodate a variety of domes, roll-offs and tower observatories- 'the sky is the limit'. We offer the opportunity to bring your own observatory and/or just your equipment which you can locate in one of our custom made observatories with uninterruptible power supplies. If its flexibility you are looking for then look no further. We also offer free accommodation for up to two nights whist you set up your equipment or we can set up your equipment for you.

There is an on site resident astronomer who is available to 'trouble shoot' any system and provide accurate and sound advice if required along with security cameras for added protection.

The site has an all weather station and a seeing monitor so that you can remotely access weather data in order to plan your evening sessions. So take the plunge you will like what you see. Why not make your dreams come true contact us or pay us a visit we would be very pleased to discuss your requirements.


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