Hi and welcome to Sacramento Mountain Astronomy Park.

How far would you go to get clear, dark skies – As far as your PC?  Rent our fantastic telescope sites for 24 months or longer - we give you our mountain park skies for free!
If your telescope needs a rest from the strain of looking through murky skies, let it take a long vacation at our Astronomy Park. Move it to one of our superb individual observatory sites where you can be up with the professionals and let us keep it safe and operational. You can come visit it and use the great astronomy facilities on site! Alternatively, you could soon rent and access remotely one of our complete telescope and observatory systems. Either way, start your personal image log of the universe

About Us

We have the skies. You can have the brilliant pictures!

This venture started out when I purchased some land in Weed New Mexico. Little did I know then what was to come! After several months I took a good friend of mine Phil Stone, over to my little place in the wilderness. I think it was true to say that he was awe struck with the location of the mountain ridge and the sheer breathtaking views of the night sky that can be had from there. Then we had an idea that it would be great if we could provide amateur and professional astronomers with a remote observing site that was affordable, located away from frustrating light pollution and that had great viewing potential. I think we have found it for you. The site is located in Weed New Mexico. We have a large modern site house located at the highest point of the ridge which is 7223 feet. The lowest part of the ridge is at 7168 feet.

We are offering observing lots for rental starting from $175 per month for just the land or alternatively you could have a ready to use facility with your electric supply and a dome already in place at a very reasonable cost.

Lot sizes start at 25x20 feet and customers can rent one, two or more sites if they wish. We will also provide help and locations for customers wishing to construct special one-off observatories such as tower platform systems. Site development will take place over 5 phases. Phase one consists up to 39 sites which can accommodate either dome or roll off observatories. Each phase will have 3 electrical transformers which will be able to provide electrical service for up to 13 domes per transformer with ease. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss our rates or take a look at our terms and conditions and information pages on our website.