Hay Day Tricks : Mystery Box!!

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Here are Hay Day Cheats and hay day cheats mystery box.

Hay Day Hack 2019 – 999,999 Free Diamonds & Coins – Hay Day Cheats (iOS/Android)

What’s up my people! We’re going to show how does Hay Day Hack function if you need to add unlimited Free Diamonds and Coins!

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In this app you can create your own beautiful and awesome world by playing it on your smartphone. Connect to other players from all over the globe and explore the map and excitement with them together. Enter our site and connect to the fast server in order to be able to receive the desired amount of resources. This will absolutely help you to progress in the app.

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Some cons of this hack below:

● This is a popular mobile game created by Supercell in 2019.
● It is a farming simulator where you can plant crops and trees, raise animals, sell products, compete in derbies, and so much more.
● Hay Day is a freemium game so all features of the game are open to players who choose not to buy in-app-purchases.
● Animals are a central feature of Hay Day.
● There are three types of animals in the game: farm animals, which produce goods needed to make many other products; pets and wild animals, which give experience points and supplies; and finally, animals which give life to the game but do not have any other function.

Become the greatest gamer by using this trick and receive hundreds of resources.

Receive the application right here:
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how to get expansion materials fast in hayday 2019

This video is especially for the beginners of hayday who are struggling to level up or upgrade their farm. Low level players always has the issues with storage, dead plants and other things.

There are so many tips I have presented in this video which will help you to understand the game as well as tips to get more and more rewards for example : expansion materials, mining tools and saws & axes.

Beside that I’ve also guided viewers that how can you get tons of rewards in just few days.

You can also get connected to my farm by spending friend request in the game.

My game tag : 8V8YC9UJU.

Thanks for watching and have a happy farming.

I couldn’t show in the exact way, but you guys can understand what I wanna say in the video, Thanks. ☺😊
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Folks, this trick does not work anymore – the game publisher has since patched the game. For those of us who played this game since the early days, this used to work.

Hi folks! Please excuse the background noise, I taped this while at the airport.
Anyway, I’ve been playing the Hay Day game for a while now and noticed something weird with the mystery boxes sometimes. There are a few friends’ farms that I can repeatedly visit and each time I visit the mystery box shows up. Now that’s not the weird thing, the weird thing is, sometimes the game get into a state that the mystery boxes will all open and return items…and sometimes diamonds too! I’m sorry but I don’t know how to recreate this but I can tell you that I visit a couple of friends’ farm over any over, if you start receiving unlocked mystery boxes then just keep on re-visiting these friends’ farms. If you do not get all unlocked mystery boxes, wait a couple of hours and try again. When you do get the unlocked boxes, don’t go back to your own farm just yet, wait a bit and let the game update to the server to save your items/coins. If anyone know of a way to consistently reproduce this, please drop a note. Oh, sometimes the game crashes, hopefully if you restart you can continue getting unlocked boxes.

UPDATE: please check out my follow up video here: http://youtu.be/6a1bx4VmJFQ

how to open many Mystery boxes without having to spend diamonds for them. Get tools or vouchers and even 5 diamonds by searching for them. Note- after .

This video demonstrates how to open or rather skip locked mystery boxes without using diamonds to find tools or diamonds. Creators : Sooraj & Bindiya .

Just Keep Follow Those Steps Till It Opens Good Luck Guys Have Fun ! 🙂

UPDATE* Folks, this trick does not work anymore – the game publisher has since patched the game. For those of us who played this game since the early days, .
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When I updated my hay day!! I also got not only one box to opens but each day you can open a new one! An get goodies!! Til the 25th which is sooo awesome!!! Because I have received so many things!!!!!! xox ❤️ again my few seconds/mins videos 🙄..

I’ll make it longer 🙏🏽❤️

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Free Mystery Box On Hay Day

A trick to get a free mystery box without having to pay 3 diamonds
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In this video i am back with a new video on hay day.

All what you should do is try finding a mystery box try unlocking it, if u didn’t win anything dont press the close button, but press outside the annotation i will still be there. Open another farm you will and must find a mystery box, unlock it, you can win something, if not do the older step (don’t press the close button but press outside the annotation box), and repeat it until you win something.

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This video will teach you to keep an eye out for mystery boxes when playing “Hay Day” for iOS. One of the things you can find in the game are “Mystery Boxes”, and you’ll usually find them in the form of a treasure chest or a tool box. These mystery boxes randomly appear in areas and once opened, they will reward you with supplies, coins, or more diamonds. They don’t last forever, so if you see one, open it immediately!

Source: http://gameru.com/tip/Hay-Day-Look-Out-For-Mystery-Boxes

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