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Latest News

April 2011

SMAP is pleased to announce the completion of another observatory. Dragon Rock Observatory is a joint venture between Michael Hernandez, Bud Guinn, Mike Reid and Mike Siniscalchi, four well-known and respected amateur astronomers. The observatory is 16 feet high with the scope set at 14 feet above ground in a 3 meter ScopeDome. Mike Siniscalchi and Bud Guinn joined 'Big Mike' onsite Friday 8th April 2011 to set up the system, with initial photon testing taking place on Monday evening 11th April. The team are very happy with initial results and the next few days will be spent undertaking a T-Point run and dome calibration. SMAP wishes the team good weather and we are looking forward to seeing some great images!

September 2010

A new site webcam has now been installed on site offering great views of the site and current observatory lay out. Enjoy! We are hoping to install an IR camera mid 2011.

July 2010

SMAP has now purchased a color All Sky Camera from SBIG. This great little camera now provides valuable visual information on clouds and rain conditions for our valued clients when imaging remotely.

April 2010

Jan Rek, one of SMAP's first customers, moved into his new ScopeDome observatory on 01APR2011. Since that time Jan has spent many hours setting up his remote system and is now able to image in winds of up to 40 mph. Jan has produced some stunning mages - please take a look at his website.

Feb 2010

SMAP welcomes Neil Fleming to the site. A well known astronomer to many amateur astronomers, Neil Fleming has located his imaging setup at SMAP. Neil is located in a roll off observatory at the present time but shortly will be moving into a dome observatory on site. To view this dome as well as the other structures onsite, see our webcam. Neil's new observatory is the large building on the right of the picture.

March 2009

Another new observatory is being installed on site. This should be complete and operational by end June 2009. Pictures of construction and completion are now available on the gallery section of the website.

Feb 2009

We have been working hard over the last few months in the design,implementation and supply of purpose built observatories. These observatories can be operated either remotely or locally depending on what your requirement is. Towards the end of 2009 we hope to unveil a novel design in amateur observatories which we believe will be one of the most exciting developments of its kind for our hobby. We are very happy to discuss your requirements so please contact us.

Feb 2008

SMAP is proud to announce the installation of the first two remotely operated observatories. One roll-off observatory houses a 14.5" RC owned and operated by Michael Hernandez while the other houses a 16" RC owned and operated by Jan Rek, a UK resident. Over the last few weeks we have been installing the motors for the roll-offs along with the piers mounts, telescopes, computers and software. We are expecting first light within the next few days so please keep a look out on our gallery pages where you will also find pictures of the construction and installation of the observatories and telescope systems. If you would like further information please feel free to contact us.